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Celebrated and Award-winning
Interior Designer Ginger Atherton
provides exclusive insight to the
world of Luxurious Living.


Ginger Atherton has extended her services to more than home décor, providing instead a lifestyle filled with luxury that previously existed only in the movies

Ginger Atherton has developed a niche market with a style all her own, which clients define as, “Luxe, luxe, and more luxe!” Her Italian heritage and extensive European travels have inspired the decorative tycoon to create a luxury lifestyle for her clients, something so much more than simple home décor. Started in 1986, the company developed from Atherton’s strong clientele constantly seeking her involvement in not only the purchasing of furniture, but all areas of running a large estate and luxury lifestyle.

“Clients continually ask me about assisting their staff and training their staff, on how to run their homes, menus, and lifestyles, and that is how Atherton & Associates evolved into the luxe-elite lifestyle design firm that is today.”


Ginger Atherton is not the typical interior designer. From her design philosophy to her personal and professional style she transcends the expectations of her profession. “We create more than interiors, we create lifestyles,” is the mantra for Ginger Atherton & Associates. Atherton has become the premier interior designer and stager to the world’s most elite with an impressive clientele ranging from celebrities, to heads of state and CEOs. Atherton’s signature style melds luxury with livability. She accents her interiors with sensual fabrics, antiques and custom furnishings. Fresh florals, scented candles and touchable fabrics stimulate the senses. The look is well traveled, sophisticated and decidedly luxe. “I believe in creating an ambience for the client’s spirit and soul to flourish,” says Atherton. “It is possible to live the lifestyle of your dreams.”