Our-step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth delivery experience. Please reference our steps below to accurately measure your space and avoid common delivery issues.


For sofas and sectionals, measure the width and diagonal depth. To calculate diagonal depth, use a measuring tape to measure from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. Please note that the diagonal depth must be less than the width of the doorway to fit through the doorframe.

For dressers, consoles, bookcases, and other large items, measure the depth and diagonal height at the widest point of the product. To find the diagonal height, use a measuring tape to measure from the top left corner to the bottom right.


Next, determine the most efficient path for your order, from the delivery truck to its intended place in your home.

Use a measuring tape to measure the height and width of each door, hallway, staircase, and elevator door along the path to the room your new furniture will go in. Please also consider any potential obstacles outside of your home such as building access, unlit paths, curbs, or permitted parking.

If the width of the door or opening is greater than the height of your furniture, then your piece should fit. If the opening is too narrow, our delivery team may try to carry your furniture in upright or at an angle. Compare the height of the furniture or the diagonal depth to the door’s measurements to see if this is possible.

Be sure to measure the entry point itself.


To find the best path for delivery, compare your furniture measurements to the dimensions of your hallways and doorways. This way, you determine the angle at which the furniture will fit through your doorframe. Remember to take your surroundings such as fixtures or banisters — into consideration.


Keep in mind that with sofas and sectionals, the diagonal depth measurement must be of lesser units than the width of the doorway to ensure your product will fit through.


Before your new furniture arrives, we kindly suggest removing any furniture that is being replaced, as our delivery team is unable to assist in moving existing furniture. Clear a path and protect anything susceptible to damage, such as floors, furniture or entryways.

With standard delivery, our team will leave the item in a safe spot and notify you of its arrival. With our white-glove delivery service, our team will carefully unpack and inspect each item, assemble it where needed, and place it in your room of choice. For your convenience, all packing materials will be removed. We ask that you closely inspect your items before our delivery team leaves your home.

Before our delivery team arrives, please prepare your home and move pets to a separate room to keep them safe.

Shipping & Handling